Out of Time

Originally posted on Confusius:
? ? Minutes wander, hours pass; till I smash the hour glass! Chronos’ grip untightens fast; Future melting into past! Now his reign is gone at last! Now, an ocean; Oh so vast! ? Before my sight, time splits wide. Memories now, no place to hide! Grasping it all; beyond the…

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I live for the dead.

I live for the dead…   We’re tied together with the chains of DNA, Thousands of ancestors can hear what I say; Their presence I feel wherever I may be; My actions through my eyes I know they can see.   What I learn and what I do, they understand. Tied together forever through a […]

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Letter to you, my dear.

Sometimes we meet in heaven, sometimes we meet in hell; But now, my dear, I look around, and it’s so hard to tell.   I tore my horns and broke my wings, To hear your voice, the way it sings. I put my soul in flesh and bone, So you’ll not walk this Earth alone. […]

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Just forget it

I asked God: “Why do we forget? Why do we go from life to life without our memories?” Today I was given the answer: We do it ourselves… To protect ourselves.   Can you live your life true to yourself when you remember… A thousand lives, wasted. A thousand lovers; lost. A thousand relatives; hated. […]

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B(l)ack to White

Originally posted on Confusius:
~o~ My body’s locked in a metal cage, In my heart, there’s mental rage! You took away my spirit’s range, Oh! Do come closer, I’ll engage! ~o~ My body’s locked in a mental cage, My spirit’s free to rearrange! My heart is peaceful like a sage, Engage my soul and embrace…

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