Meeting a Maker

    In the water’s web I forge, all the destinies of men. In the darkest womb behold: ancient “I”, demented fool!   With these hands each face I mold, With these lips each fate is told:   Whispers wildly wind my verse, Be no being to break this curse!   Not a hair is […]

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Plastic Gods

    Earth and water; fire, air. I watch the world in great despair. Cycles being broken part. Soul and spirit, they depart.   I see monsters in disguise. Mighty plastic Gods they rise. Humans wandering astray, Plastic Gods, their will obey!   Plastic lips and plastic eyes. Plastic clothes and plastic thighs. Plastic money, […]

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I live for the dead.

I live for the dead…   We’re tied together with the chains of DNA, Thousands of ancestors can hear what I say; Their presence I feel wherever I may be; My actions through my eyes I know they can see.   What I learn and what I do, they understand. Tied together forever through a […]

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Letter to you, my dear.

Sometimes we meet in heaven, sometimes we meet in hell; But now, my dear, I look around, and it’s so hard to tell.   I tore my horns and broke my wings, To hear your voice, the way it sings. I put my soul in flesh and bone, So you’ll not walk this Earth alone. […]

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Hey, do you remember…? Remember that..   We’re dancing in time under so many skies, In the millions of years, the thousands of lives. We’re killing these bodies with too many lies! Don’t remember me yet? Just look in my eyes:   We’re one and the same despite the disguise; We’re one and the same […]

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Out of Time

    Minutes wander, hours pass; till I smash the hour glass! Chronos’ grip untightens fast; Future melting into past! Now his reign is gone at last! Now, an ocean; Oh so vast!   Before my sight, time splits wide. Memories now, no place to hide! Grasping it all; beyond the mind. Oh my God! […]

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B(l)ack to White

~o~ My body’s locked in a metal cage, In my heart, there’s mental rage! You took away my spirit’s range, Oh! Do come closer, I’ll engage! ~o~ My body’s locked in a mental cage, My spirit’s free to rearrange! My heart is peaceful like a sage, Engage my soul and embrace change! ~o~ Go free […]

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