All the roads are calling me, All the souls that I must see.   If you’re traveling like me, Meet me on the great blue sea;   Meet me on the great blue sea.   Coming up to Heaven’s gates, Coming up too meet my friends.   Angels start to stare me down, Their […]

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Singing Silence

    When the righteous sit in silence, Heaven opens divine violence. Savage madness rains in masses! We are doomed, praying to asses.   Watching hopeless behind glasses, Rendered useless inside classes.   Will to rebel slowly washes, Dreams and visions, burned to ashes.   Weights of debt; the angel crashes; Humans born and die […]

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    Marching bands; I march alone… I don’t march with hearts of stone. The whole world is white they say… They don’t match; there’s black and gray!   Laws decreed; I judge my own. I bow down to God alone! With compassion spirits grow. Moral judgment I bestow.   Human hate; I contemplate. I […]

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Same ol’ same ol’

    They took away: All my dreams and my hopes and my days. Yet I’m same…   They took away: All my friends and my foes and my ways. Yet I’m same…   They took away: All my love and my life and my rays. Yet I’m same…   They took away: All my […]

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Meeting a Maker

    In the water’s web I forge, all the destinies of men. In the darkest womb behold: ancient “I”, demented fool!   With these hands each face I mold, With these lips each fate is told:   Whispers wildly wind my verse, Be no being to break this curse!   Not a hair is […]

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Plastic Gods

    Earth and water; fire, air. I watch the world in great despair. Cycles being broken part. Soul and spirit, they depart.   I see monsters in disguise. Mighty plastic Gods they rise. Humans wandering astray, Plastic Gods, their will obey!   Plastic lips and plastic eyes. Plastic clothes and plastic thighs. Plastic money, […]

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I live for the dead.

I live for the dead…   We’re tied together with the chains of DNA, Thousands of ancestors can hear what I say; Their presence I feel wherever I may be; My actions through my eyes I know they can see.   What I learn and what I do, they understand. Tied together forever through a […]

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