There is only one force in the universe, the force of creation. It’s expressions are endless, but hierarchically ordered. The easiest form of creation is destruction. It is not the antagonistic force of creation, It is the most accessible. The hardest one… Is Love.     Advertisements

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The walk…

    Come… Walk through Hell and experience all the evil you have done, being done to you.   Come… Walk through Heaven and experience all the good you have done, being done to you.   Come… Walk through your self and experience all awareness, being aware of you.   Don’t walk the Heavens and […]

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I and I

  Just imagine… A hedge fund manager all entangled in responsibility and power, flamboyantly walking down the hall of his office building; On his way to the meeting he catches a glance of the banker and looks away, they are both the same but he can’t look him in the eyes; he looks down on […]

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The Innocent Warrior

  When born, one radiates pure innocence… One’s eyes are the windows to the soul; while looking into the crystalline eyes of a newborn, one can catch a glimpse of a soul that has gazed upon God itself, an immaculate being returning from infinity, once more setting foot on the mortal plane, another chance; another […]

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The Apocalypse

I long for the Apocalypse…the time when heaven is forsaken and hell breaks loose; fire leaking from the sky, raining upon the earth, the ground itself shattering in fear, chaos and plague spreading in the hearts of the living; The End of Days… Nah, I’m just playing with your imagination. I long for the Apocalypse, […]

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The Supreme Race

  If, while reading the title, you thought about your own race… you’re beyond racist. If you thought about the whole human race… you’re racist. If you thought about the animal kingdom too…you’re getting closer, but still racist. If you thought about including the plants and the bugs in “The Supreme Race” you have a […]

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