Just forget it

I asked God: “Why do we forget? Why do we go from life to life without our memories?” Today I was given the answer: We do it ourselves… To protect ourselves.   Can you live your life true to yourself when you remember… A thousand lives, wasted. A thousand lovers; lost. A thousand relatives; hated. […]

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The walk…

    Come… Walk through Hell and experience all the evil you have done, being done to you.   Come… Walk through Heaven and experience all the good you have done, being done to you.   Come… Walk through your self and experience all awareness, being aware of you.   Don’t walk the Heavens and […]

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Child’s dreams

    When you ask a child what he dreams to be, he will answer you: A pilot! A policeman! An astronaut…   But, believe me; they just don’t know it yet: they dream to be free! To them, freedom comes by default; it’s not a matter of opportunity.   Children want to be: A […]

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Amnesia Life

      We reincarnate. That is what I truly believe. But why do we forget? We lose our memories in order to experience all that what we have done to others in previous lives, but experience it honestly. If we would remember what we had done in previous lives, we would have an idea […]

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M & W

    Light is both wave and particle. Humanity is both Woman and Man. Existence is both being and doing.   A human is a being at work. Man is cosmic being working through earthly powers. Woman is earthly being working through cosmic powers.      

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