Nietzche, come out and play.

    “He who delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.”      – Friedrich Nietzche   I’ve searched deep inside, behind the curtains of the void, in my solitude, I found both: I am   A divine beast. A raging sage. A compassionate leviathan. A single soul, With infinite faces.     […]

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What to do?

    –  Hey, we should make this world a better place. –   Why? –  Well, is there anything better to do? –  Raise Hell? –   Well…  That’s dumb!    

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    What will infinite greed do to a finite planet?      

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Be true…

    Those who deny God from the beginning, and find “IT’ later on, whatever might “IT’ be? They have found  much more valuable treasure than those that believe blindly from the beginning in imaginary figures of light.    

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