What to do?

    –  Hey, we should make this world a better place. –   Why? –  Well, is there anything better to do? –  Raise Hell? –   Well…  That’s dumb!     Advertisements

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Be true…

    Those who deny God from the beginning, and find “IT’ later on, whatever might “IT’ be? They have found  much more valuable treasure than those that believe blindly from the beginning in imaginary figures of light.    

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Meeting a Maker

    In the water’s web I forge, all the destinies of men. In the darkest womb behold: ancient “I”, demented fool!   With these hands each face I mold, With these lips each fate is told:   Whispers wildly wind my verse, Be no being to break this curse!   Not a hair is […]

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Plastic Gods

    Earth and water; fire, air. I watch the world in great despair. Cycles being broken part. Soul and spirit, they depart.   I see monsters in disguise. Mighty plastic Gods they rise. Humans wandering astray, Plastic Gods, their will obey!   Plastic lips and plastic eyes. Plastic clothes and plastic thighs. Plastic money, […]

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