The Apocalypse

Originally posted on Confusius:
I long for the Apocalypse…the time when heaven is forsaken and hell breaks loose; fire leaking from the sky, raining upon the earth, the ground itself shattering in fear, chaos and plague spreading in the hearts of the living; The End of Days… Nah, I’m just playing with your imagination. I…

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Child’s dreams

    When you ask a child what he dreams to be, he will answer you: A pilot! A policeman! An astronaut…   But, believe me; they just don’t know it yet: they dream to be free! To them, freedom comes by default; it’s not a matter of opportunity.   Children want to be: A […]

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Out of Time

    Minutes wander, hours pass; till I smash the hour glass! Chronos’ grip untightens fast; Future melting into past! Now his reign is gone at last! Now, an ocean; Oh so vast!   Before my sight, time splits wide. Memories now, no place to hide! Grasping it all; beyond the mind. Oh my God! […]

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Amnesia Life

      We reincarnate. That is what I truly believe. But why do we forget? We lose our memories in order to experience all that what we have done to others in previous lives, but experience it honestly. If we would remember what we had done in previous lives, we would have an idea […]

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