B(l)ack to White

Originally posted on Confusius:
~o~ My body’s locked in a metal cage, In my heart, there’s mental rage! You took away my spirit’s range, Oh! Do come closer, I’ll engage! ~o~ My body’s locked in a mental cage, My spirit’s free to rearrange! My heart is peaceful like a sage, Engage my soul and embrace…

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The walk…

    Come… Walk through Hell and experience all the evil you have done, being done to you.   Come… Walk through Heaven and experience all the good you have done, being done to you.   Come… Walk through your self and experience all awareness, being aware of you.   Don’t walk the Heavens and […]

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Hey, do you remember…? Remember that..   We’re dancing in time under so many skies, In the millions of years, the thousands of lives. We’re killing these bodies with too many lies! Don’t remember me yet? Just look in my eyes:   We’re one and the same despite the disguise; We’re one and the same […]

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The Apocalypse

Originally posted on Confusius:
I long for the Apocalypse…the time when heaven is forsaken and hell breaks loose; fire leaking from the sky, raining upon the earth, the ground itself shattering in fear, chaos and plague spreading in the hearts of the living; The End of Days… Nah, I’m just playing with your imagination. I…

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