Plastic Gods



Earth and water; fire, air.

I watch the world in great despair.

Cycles being broken part.

Soul and spirit, they depart.


I see monsters in disguise.

Mighty plastic Gods they rise.

Humans wandering astray,

Plastic Gods, their will obey!


Plastic lips and plastic eyes.

Plastic clothes and plastic thighs.

Plastic money, plastic lies.

Plastic souls in plastic lives.


Puny humans try to break,

From great spirals try escape,

Feeble efforts try disguise,

Fear of death of the unwise.


Plastic love in plastic rags,

Plastic food in plastic bags,

Plastic thoughts in plastic minds.

Plastic feelings. Plastic binds!


Deep in Earth the Metal forms,

It gives shape to rules and norms.

Onto Metal Water drops,

Flows like life around the rocks.

Water gives the Wood its life,

Wood that grows through any strife.

Wood is fuel for Fire’s flame.

Which its power’s hard to tame.

Wood through Fire makes the Earth.

And the cycle comes re-birthed.


Plastic Gods have come to kill,

Sacred blood they try to spill.

But the Sages are not gone,

The use Alchemy to spawn,

They transmute and bring to being,

From the plastic: any thing.


In the darkness we stand tall,

Million Buddhas hear our call!

Mighty beings through ashes rise,

Fire blazing through their eyes!

Power courses through their veins

From the knowledge gained through pains.

Glorious Gods pleasant to sight,

Pierce the Veil with all Your might.


Humans wander, they are lost.

Light in Heart, that is a must.

Walking lone in darkest night.

Buddhas come and guide our sight.

Free all beings from suffering,

Bring the Love to any thing.


By your power and your grace,

Save this old and broken race!

Grant the courage and the strength!

So we’ll walk to any length,

To see siblings in them all.

Watch us rise and help recall:


We’re not alone and we’re all one!




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