Out of Time


Minutes wander, hours pass; till I smash the hour glass!

Chronos’ grip untightens fast; Future melting into past!

Now his reign is gone at last! Now, an ocean; Oh so vast!

Before my sight, time splits wide.

Memories now, no place to hide!

Grasping it all; beyond the mind.

Oh my God! I have been blind!

All that is; it’s just a game!

Traps and tricks to go insane!

Hamster wheel; for the brain.

Breaking out! I have to train!

Sacred Knowledge; dissolves pain!

Gaining freedom; from this plain!

This is a gift from out of time; it has come from the divine!

Structure forming, one to nine; foggy thoughts becoming mine!

Cosmos shrunk in human hide; flesh and bone, I’m bound inside!

Now I breathe. Now I grow.

Eyes show; what I have to know!

Heart and mind; are aligned.

Spiritual power, amplified!

In my soul; I search and…

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