The Apocalypse


I long for the Apocalypse…the time when heaven is forsaken and hell breaks loose; fire leaking from the sky, raining upon the earth, the ground itself shattering in fear, chaos and plague spreading in the hearts of the living; The End of Days…

Nah, I’m just playing with your imagination.

I long for the Apocalypse, the lifting of The Veil, the veil that stands between each and every one of us, the veil separating “All that is” into „you” and „I”, the veil creating the illusion of distance, making the Great Oneness appear as innumerable tiny ones; pieces that are still tied together, but self-perceived as separate entities, disconnected individuals…

I long for the lifting of The Veil, for just one moment, all of humanity, sharing a heartbeat, the heartbeat of Anima Mundi itself, a glimpse into infinity; that one single pulse, shattering all Ego, melting all feeble little selves…

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