The Innocent Warrior


When born, one radiates pure innocence…

One’s eyes are the windows to the soul; while looking into the crystalline eyes of a newborn, one can catch a glimpse of a soul that has gazed upon God itself, an immaculate being returning from infinity, once more setting foot on the mortal plane, another chance; another journey began on the road of endless possibilities.

While staring into a newborn’s eyes, one takes a peek in the realm of God; it’s mesmerizing to witness such divine purity; it’s mesmerizing because it reminds us of what we once were, and gives us hope of what we may once be…

Though, untainted at birth, as one grows, the seeds of anger, jealousy, greed and hatred will soon sprout in one’s innocent heart, slowly growing, becoming a dark impenetrable forest, clouding the soul and dimming the light that once shone from one’s eyes.

After wandering through life, roaming the many paths of earthly existence, unknowingly indulging in society’s ungodly temptations, one may be fortunate enough to set foot on the warrior’s path; one may be even blessed with the strength and grace to keep said path up to the moment of returning the body to the elements.

What is the warrior’s path, one may ask?

The warrior is not a raging beast, a ruthless killing machine skilled in battle and bloodshed, no…

A warrior is anyone, any single one that can fight with honor and courage for a just cause in any way deemed right.

A warrior may be a soldier sacrificing himself heroically so others can flee the enemy, feeling in his heart that his time has come, he dives in battle for the greater good; he doesn’t look back, as he has no doubt, for he knows what is righteous and nothing will stop him until his last breath leaves his body.

A warrior may be a writer with a shattered heart, watching his brothers and sisters being subjugated by tyrannical rule; he courageously draws his sword, the mighty pen and writes tirelessly, fighting against what he deems wicked, day and night forging words that inspire hope and passion into the hearts of his brethren, words that undermine and mock authority; writing no matter the cost or the fate.

A warrior may be a mother, tired and broken, but still pulling through whatever hardships life has to throw at her, so she can raise her beloved offspring; working with dignity anything that is needed to provide, showing her children, by example, the art of living with honor and an enlightened heart, living selflessly in love’s grace.

A warrior may be a politician, bound by rules and regulations, suppressed by the higher powers controlling him; a politician that cannot stand his chains no more, he breaks free; rebelling, defying the structures that give him money and power, he is now one of the people; he draws a line in the sand as he makes his stand against the wicked, holding the ground of what is humane and right, unmoved by what he can lose, his soul stands tall, veraciously shining hope for the weak and striking fear into the hearts of those who he has betrayed.

A warrior may be a doctor with a dream to help heal the wounded world, another soulful dreamer doing whatever he can to banish suffering; a doctor that, when the time has come, will go to hell and back just to try to save the life of his worst enemy; he will even try to save the murder that took away his mother’s life; for in his heart he knows no boundaries for the sacredness of life, he has compassion for every being, no matter what.

Only after walking the warrior’s path for a long enough time, one toughens the mind and strengthens the will, but ultimately… softens the heart; using these tools one can continuously chip away at the dark forest’s vile trees that have been clouding the soul, after the last of them has been brought down, there will be no more trees, no more seeds, no more hope for evil deeds; only after that will one’s true light shine its might through the soul’s gates, one’s own eyes.

From an unknowing newborn the light of untainted innocence shines, for some time, but it is so fragile and corruptible… from the soul of an innocent warrior, the one with a scarred heart still filled with love, with a shattered soul, mended back whole countless of times, with eyes that have witnessed all of the horrors this world can spawn, still remaining compassionate; those eyes that shine light so bright and pure that can pierce through hell itself, effortlessly; that is true innocence, the innocence of the saints, incorruptible and everlasting.

Stranger, I urge you! Find the warrior’s path inside one’s self and start walking it today, walk this life’s journey, whatever it may be, with a pure soul and light heart; I urge you, Stranger, the world needs more innocent warriors, souls that shine like suns,  beacons for the millions wandering aimlessly in ignorance’s night.

Walk with innocence…walk with the warriors…



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