The Supreme Race


If, while reading the title, you thought about your own race… you’re beyond racist.

If you thought about the whole human race… you’re racist.

If you thought about the animal kingdom too…you’re getting closer, but still racist.

If you thought about including the plants and the bugs in “The Supreme Race” you have a kind heart and a gentle soul, but yet again, you’re an unknowingly innocent racist.

There is only one race: Life, the one sacred race.

Why “innocent racist” you ask? Because, Life exists in an inconceivable variety of aspects, so vast that the human consciousness, in its normal form, is incapable of grasping it all; so, from this way of perception, in the realm of duality, discrimination is born, separating existence in two sides:

One is Life, residing in the organic, partially acknowledged and seldom respected; the other is Death, the inorganic, the profane, the unconscious without rights, disrespected and abused, molded and destroyed.

The current perception of Life is flawed; Why? Because Life transcends organic, Life extends from the plants, animals and insects and their spirits to the inorganic realm: the spirits of nature, the elements, Mother Gaia and Anima Mundi; the forgotten…

To acknowledge this, one must transcend the normal human day-to-day perception and integrate in one’s consciousness the ancient’s way of seeing the word:

Respect one’s self; respect those below and those above; respect the earth and the wind, the fire and the water; the animals and the plants; the organic and the inorganic; the awakened and the dreaming;  the embodied and the immaterial; respect all creation!

Return to the ancient shaman’s way, Stranger, return to Love, return to Life.




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