Transcending Temperament


Emotions flow. Everything flows.

The human experience is much like that of a vessel, containing the flow of life; holding it in, for a while, then letting it go.

Let’s take anger for example, one of the many rivers that flow through life, the fiery one.

Humans come in different vessel sizes, depending of one’s temperament.

A small vessel will fill up fast and spill over many times through the day, but once it has spilled, it is empty again. With many small outbursts of fire, one may be seen as an angry individual by others.

A huge vessel will not spill so often because as it fills, some of the contents continue to flow out, like a dam. One may be seen as a calm individual, controlling one self, containing the flow in the vastness of his vessel. It may happen rarely, but when it does, may God have mercy on the souls witnessing a huge vessel spilling over that which has been burning inside, erupting torrents of hellfire, charring everything in its wake!

One is not better than the other; one is usually empty but spills over many times and the other, almost never spills but burns inside. (With the negligible aspect of seldom cataclysmic outbursts)

The truth is that both are containers, they have boundaries, limits in which they exist.

Life’s goal is not to be a perfect vessel, but to transcend it, becoming a limitless observer, experiencing without containing, being one with the flow, not being just one vessel.




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